There’s much more to Toke D Keda than just his innovative Tropic-Pop sounds.

He’s created a uniquely appealing and multidimensional musical experience that has built a loyal global fan base. Toke D Keda has become one of the leading exponent of Latin music throughout Europe, Oceania and Asia as well as one of the most sought after touring acts. Through numerous collaborations with the world’s biggest artists such as Ricky Martin, CNCO, Willie Colon, Ilegales, Wisin & Yandell, Calle 13, Nek, among many others, Eddie has taken the audiovisual art form to another level with more than 550 concerts in over 60 countries in 6 continents including Russia, Japan, China, Australia, Egypt, Spain and Italy among others. 

Eddie Blazquez’s multilingual abilities which include Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian has enabled Toke D Keda to communicate off and on the stage with multitudes of fans and media in all corners of the planet. Sometimes referred to as fusional, his blend of electronic, Latin and Tropic-Pop beats lay the foundation to his over the top hit records and live shows.

Throughout his musical journey Toke D’Keda has remained a trailblazing presence on the music scene influencing countless aspiring new artists by continuously pushing the sonic envelope. He has always been more than a Miami act with bongos and a guira. He’s about transcending expectations and shattering preconceived notions.

Toke D Keda and Eddie Blazquez’s musical vision is and will always be about boundless exploration and unrestricted to definition.